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Abdul Kalam wrote letter to a small boy (Arun Prakash) Singer!


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Abdul Kalam wrote a letter to a small boy (Arun Prakash) Singer _ Changed the life of him!-min


        A common Desires of a Students Once talk with people who have made wonderful achievements in various fields, Make a handshake with them, Take a selfie & autograph or take a Shahbabs from their side. Especially with the chief ministers, With the Governor, with the Prime Minister, with the President Talk to them for a couple of minutes that is everything in student life. Someone’s dream is this all.

          But, in the case of a lot of people Dreams remain just dreams. Leave the Chief Minister / Prime Minister / President shake hands, It is also not possible for many to see them closely Or hold hands like that. If any gets that movement until then, I think he had completed his Student life. This is only for a few lucky ones.

           In student life, an unexcepted jackpot will explode. You think for simply for joke he wrote a letter. That letter gave him chance in his life. Like that only a true story has become viral. A boy called Arun Prakash has written a letter to Ex-President Abdul Kalam. Instead, he got a chance to sing in front of Abdul Kalam. And stay in Raj Bhavan as a VIP guest. This is a wonderful story of Arun Prakash a singer.


Early Life

        This Arun Prakash is from a small village in Tamil Nadu. He was studying in tenth grade in the High School which was near his village. He is not just good at studies. But also a good singer. He was known as an Expert in Carnatic Music ♬. If he starts to sing all were saying “Whaaaa!” “Whaaaa!”.

          At Arun Prakash’s school, the teachers were kept talking about Abdul Kalam’s life and achievement. And saying ‘You have to make a big name like Kalam & bring a good name to the country’. The boy had become a devotee of Abdul Kalam as a result of hearing these words from all teachers. Anyway, he decided to talk to them once.


Arun Prakash Wrote a letter

          Meanwhile, as part of the Independence Day celebrations of August 15, 2004, Arun Prakash’s singing program was launched at the school. The invitations were also printed in this regard. Arun Prakash got an idea when he saw them. He wrote his name, address, school, class, and hobby on a sheet. Then he told ‘I stand in front of you. I want to sing songs of great people. This is my singing at school on August 15th. You should come, please’. Then attach the invitation to the post, which is addressed to


          He had not the slightest expectation that his letter would be answered. Still, he gave his home address with the intention of not being anything.


Abdul Kalam wrote Letter

          In a single week, he received a letter from Delhi addressing both school and home addresses. President Abdul Kalam wrote personal letters to them. Abdul Kalam told that “I always liked to hear your songs, but I had no time on that day to come to your school. He also added that shall we meet in Delhi”, to regret it.

           The letter went to the headmaster of the school. The headmaster thought “Where is Abdul Kalam & where is Arun Prakash? This boy of a hobli-level school planned to write a letter inviting the President to come and listen to his songs. What if tomorrow The senior officials take me to custody thinking that, he decided to write an apology on behalf of the student, who planned all this fate. The matter was also addressed to the student’s parents.

           He received the signature of Arun Prakash’s father and mother and wrote an apology. Thanks for inviting our boy to Delhi. But, we don’t know that location & in which direction is it in Delhi. Where do we stay? How to meet you? “Sorry about our student’s lashes.” And posted it to Abdul Kalam.

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Abdul Kalam wrote another letter

         All this happened in August 2004. No news for the next two months. In effect, Arun Prakash forgot the issue of Kalam’s letter. However, in the first week of November, a registered letter from the President’s Office received the name of Arun Prakash. The headmaster drew the cover – there were first-class railway tickets to Delhi. Along with Kalam’s letter. He had written; ‘Dear Arun Prakash, November 14 is Children’s Day. You’re my guest for the show. Don’t be shy, scared. I have sent railway tickets. Come with your Dad-Mum. If you show the letter at the railway station in Delhi – you will be taken to the Rashtrapati Bhavan immediately…

          Arun Prakash, accompanied by his Father & Mother, boarded the train to Delhi with all his anxieties. He made a full file of his achievements to show them to Abdul Kalam. As they landed in Delhi they were taken to Raj Bhavan for showing that letter.


Children’s day 14th November

           The day was 13th November. Arun Prakash got fear as he entered Raj Bhavan. Because there were 150 children from different parts of the country. All of them come to the children’s children. All they were VIPs, with one’s achievement. Can I communicate with Kalam among so many people? Arun Prakash thought he could stand in front of him and sing himself. At the same time – the officials of the Rashtrapati Bhavan, who had come to all the children. Told Them some instruction to be followed the next morning. Then told, “Abdul Kalam Sir has a busy job. So everyone should finish your introduction in one minute”.

           That Final day has come where all the Students are waiting. At eight o’clock in the morning, Abdul Kalam came inside the children’s courtyard with a smile. Before he stood up, he said, “Salute the young citizens of India.” He also Folded his hands for the parents who have come. Abdul Kalam was Giving a medal, whispering a couple of words, shaking hands, and taking a photo with all the children one by one.

          This was Arun Prakash, who was standing there when Kalam came and stood. His tongue delayed speaking to the hero of his dream. He Said his name with trembling. Then Arun Prakash showed his performance file. The Abdul Kalam eyes glowed. “Are you – ever great man?” He said. He nodded yes. “Putta, then, why not? Sing that song of Thyagaraja. Which is my favorite song also. Abdul Kalam forgot all the things and sat down to hear his song.

          President Abdul Kalam sat down to listen to the song? The rest followed them. For the next ten minutes, Arun Prakash sang a song of devotion before God. In the meantime, Kalam was saying ‘Shahabash’. He also joined his sound for a couple of stanzas. When the song was over eight minutes later, the applause was applauded. Exclaimed ‘Arun Prakash, you won my heart’. The President’s heart was filled with love. For this love Arun Prakash was dumb, wondered & surrendered to Abdul kalam. And stood with folded hands in front of Abdul kalam.

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Final Words

       Now, for Arun Prakash. Asking Kalam’s name is enough. he get thrilled. “It is my pleasure to make a big name like Abdul kalam. Standing in front of Abdul kalam and singing is the most memorable moment of my life,” he says.

      It is a privilege for all of us to have a great man like Abdul Kalam. Isn’t it?

       Now, you don’t miss a chance to type your letter in the comment section. What if you also get a chance like this. If you liked this story please share it with your Friends & Family.


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